• Sheepish Activities November 2018

    Monday 29 October I thought we would make the most of having Amy and we decided to cut toenails today. The sheep were gathered into 1 large pen which made it much easier to catch 885, Champion and 937. 885 Champion 937 Wednesday 31 October Amy’s last day! Amy will be very much missed by […]

  • eNews November 18

    In this month’s Enews we report on the Chancellor’s key announcements from the Budget and the latest guidance on a ‘No Deal Brexit’. HMRC has also announced the pilot is open for Making Tax Digital for VAT, but the deferral of the start date for some. With the latest guidance for employers, there is lots to […]

  • Sheepish Activities October 2018

    14 October We moved the sheep to the gallop on Friday as they had eaten most of the grass in the orchard. Plus the Rams have gone into the next field, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We don’t want our flock getting any bigger (apparently). Tim said it was going to rain all […]

  • eNews October 2018

    In this month’s Enews we report that the government has announced the UK Budget date and that Class 2 National Insurance Contributions will no longer be scrapped. The government has also published lots of guidance on a ‘no deal Brexit’. With information on deliberate tax defaulters and the latest minimum wage statistics, there is lots […]

  • Sheepish Activities – August 18

    The sheep were rolled out to say hello at August’s Farm Fete … some were more social than others.  They had to be corralled into a pen, which didn’t go smoothly.  In the end we resorted to Flash’s help (sheepdog) and then the sheep were so indignant that most of them went into a mood […]

  • eNews – August 2018

    Enews – August 2018 In this month’s Enews we report on Making Tax Digital for VAT and the Bank of England interest rate rise. Meanwhile the Scotland Parliament introduces a tax relief for first-time buyers and the UK government has published the next round of draft tax legislation. With reminders that the Marriage Allowance and […]

  • Sheepish Activities – July 2018

    It’s been hot and dry.  The grass isn’t growing and the sheep are miserable.   52, Tim’s-Sheep and Kangaroo feeling fed up and hot.  They spend almost all day either under the pig arcs or sheltering under the trailer. 885 facing us, with Pecky and Bramble. Daft Lamb peeking out from under the trailer. We […]

  • eNews – July 2018

    In this month’s Enews we report on the Supreme Court’s ruling on workers’ rights and the latest guidance from HMRC for employers. We also consider the latest tax gap figures and HMRC’s efforts to stop fraudsters. With new rules to introduce a VAT reverse charge for construction services and an extension to the easement for […]