• Sheepish Activities November 2019

    27 October 2019 The rain is relentless.  The pond is higher than we’ve ever seen it. The field by the drive is so flooded there are ducks on it. The sheep have moved back into the Orchard today as it’s slightly less waterlogged – they immediately take advantage of the fresh grass. 1 November 2019 […]

  • eNews – November 17

    In this month’s eNews we report on Budget announcements and the introduction of new taxes in Wales and Scotland of Land Transaction Tax and Air Departure Tax. We also consider HMRC’s new method of Simple Assessment for certain taxpayers, the Criminal Finances Act, proposals for Help to Save Accounts and new guidance for employers. Article […]

  • Sheepish Activities – November 17

    We all moved back to the Orchard this month.  The relocation went very smoothly, other than a slight detour via the compost heap, lead by Baby Lamb. There is nothing ‘baby’ about Baby Lamb now.  But when he was a lamb he was such a little runt we did not think he would survive.  He […]

  • eNews November 2016

    In this month’s eNews we report on recent developments including the announcement that the plans to introduce a secondary market for annuities have been scrapped together with advice for employers on late filing penalties, avoiding incorrect RTI returns and the provision of childcare voucher provision and how to avoid incorrect RTI returns. We also consider […]

  • The LSD Flock


    This is how it starts. Orphan lambs.  Rarely true orphans.  Usually a triplet (the mothers can’t support all 3 so one triplet is removed to the orphanage) or a twin off a first time mother. After a bit of coaching, the orphans learn to drink off the shepherdess. The Lsd staff take shifts in filling […]