Cloud Based Accounting

With Cloud accounting, the sky’s the limit.

Cloud accounting sets you free.

In very simple speak, it’s a platform that allows you to access your business’s accounting software and data in any place, at any time, on any device.

For small businesses, it’s perfect. It means you have constant access to your finances, giving you, your team and your advisors a clear overview in real time. An up to date picture that keeps everyone up to speed.

What’s more, because everything’s run online, you don’t have to fret about maintenance, downtime, storage, backing up, software updates and upgrades – it’s all taken care of automatically.

Cloud is faster, smarter, collaborative and totally secure, saving your business time and money.

And, with Lsd at your side, we can provide the expert guidance that helps you make the most of this exciting development.

Give us a call about Cloud. And see how you can run your business from work, from home, from practically anywhere you like!