Payroll, RTI & CIS

PAYE and payroll. Why it pays to get good advice.

On the one hand, taking on new staff is a good sign. After all, it means your business is growing.

On the other hand, it brings new responsibilities.

Your new employees have to be trained, assimilated into the ranks, turned as quickly as possible into profitable team members. And not forgetting, of course, the new PAYE and payroll issues you have to deal with.

If you feel a headache coming on even at the very mention of PAYE codes and RTI filing, the good news is Lsd is here to take the pain away.

We are happy to work in an advisory role, if you prefer to run your own payroll. Helping you to choose and set up the right software, for instance, or running a health check on any existing systems to see if they can be streamlined or brought up to date. Or perhaps simply providing support and crystal clear advice on benefits such as company cars, mobile phones, medical insurance or pensions.

Alternatively, we can handle your payroll function in its entirety – freeing you completely from all the hassle of calculations and deadlines and giving you the peace of mind of knowing everything is being prepared accurately and submitted correctly.

Our services include:

  • Employee payslips and full payroll services including RTI (Real Time Information) filing and submission to HMRC
  • Starters and leavers
  • Employee share schemes
  • Communicating with HMRC on your behalf
  • Preparation of P11Ds
  • Auto Enrolment solutions

Add holiday calculations, mid month starters, statutory maternity pay, statutory sick pay plus a multitude of other issues, and it’s easy to see why many of our clients simply prefer the option of turning over payroll lock, stock and barrel to us.

One final point. HMRC enquiries are at record levels. You may well be keeping accurate payroll records. But, with fee protection automatically provided to Lsd clients, it’s nice to know that in the event of a visit from HMRC, you’re covered.