• eNews – July 2017

    Enews – July 2017 In this month’s eNews we report on the Queen’s speech and the legislative process. We also include articles on recommendations to simplify corporation tax, the extended deadline for returns for employment related securities, the introduction of Land Transaction Tax in Wales and the latest fines and guidance issued by the Information […]

  • Sheepish Activities – July 17

    Finally the shearers arrived! All the sheep were herded into the barn for 8am. Lsd’s sheep and the rams went last after the main flock. It was noisy!  But I’m sure they were all relieved to be rid of their fleeces. With Amy away, Teresa was drafted in to help.  The sheep needed to be […]

  • Has there been a better time to remortgage?

    Has there been a better time to remortgage? Mortgage rates have never been lower, but it can be a very complicated process to obtain a mortgage these days, particularly if you are self employed, or a director of a limited company. Lenders have become stricter with their criteria, and the need for a specialist has […]