Research & Development

You’ve got nothing to lose, only potential R&D Tax Credits to gain!

In November 2015, a new plan was launched outlining how the government will make it easier for smaller businesses investing in research and development to claim tax relief by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke.

This tax relief encourages companies with less than 50 employees and a turnover under £2million to invest in costly new product development by reducing the amount of corporation tax they pay on profits by offsetting them against any investment research and development.

Not many people realise that they may be eligible to claim research and development Tax Credits.

Whether you are creating a new product, improving an existing product, developing a new service or improving an old or even designing a new business process, you could claim research and development Tax Credits. As long as science or technology is involved in one way or another then it’s definitely something to consider.

Here at Lsd Accountants we can help you understand whether you would be eligible for R&D Tax Credits as well as help you through the claiming process.

Why not give Lsd a call, you’ve got nothing to lose but potential Research and Development Tax Credits to gain!