Sheepish Activities – October 2017


We have had a more eventful month this month.  First of all, the escaping into the next field got worse and worse …

Following Amy

So it was decided they had to be moved.

The easiest way to do this is to put Amy at the front with a bucket full of sheep nuts and biscuits and get the sheep to follow her.

To the barn

It worked beautifully!  We walked to the barn …

Single file please

Single file please along here …

New field

Into the huge new field.  They do like a new field … they are always very interested in it when they move.  They all wandered off as soon as we got there … even forgoing biscuits!

Our offices

We can see this new field from our offices, that is Davinder’s window 6 along from the left.  The sheep tend to gather at the fence when everyone arrives in the morning


Happily the 3rd Guinea Fowl has reappeared.  We think No. 3 must be sitting on eggs somewhere as she only sometimes appears.  Usually we just have 2 of them visiting the front door.  Albie, Samantha’s puppy, is in disgrace for chasing them yesterday.

1 horn

There is a certain amount of headbutting going on at the moment.  It’s about this time of year that the farm put the rams in with the ewes so perhaps that explains it.  Chubby was headbutting 885 so hard, his little nub of horn popped out (see the little hole on the right hand side).


Don’t read the next bit if you’re squeamish.

We noticed Kangaroo was developing a lump on her jaw.  It grew to be about golf ball size in the end.  Then the next day it had burst.  Thankfully, it’s on the outside of her jaw (rather than being in her mouth for example).  It has now been drained, cleaned out, and she’s had it treated for the last couple of days.

Next month … slimming club.  Some of them are definitely getting more than their fair share of biscuits.