Sheepish Activities – March 2017

Feb - 885, 52

From left to right, Champion, 885 and 52.  With the Guinea Fowl in the background.  You can see from Champion’s feet how muddy it is.  They are all wearing mud boots.  885 is particularly unhappy about it.  His ears go floppy when he is unhappy.

Feb-Guinea fowl in mud

The 4 Guinea Fowl have started hanging out in the sheep field.

Feb-Pig arc mud

We have tried to counteract the mud with straw under the pig arcs but the mud is just ankle deep in some places.

Feb-babies too close

Babies 120 and Daft Lamb are difficult to photograph, as soon as we crouch down to take the pic, they come running over so it always has to be an aerial shot.


Pecky is such a hero.  When we are treating the sheep’s feet, it’s generally not welcomed.  They get sore with foot rot and bits of hard mud stuck between their ‘toes’.  All except Pecky who stands there good as gold.