Sheepish Activities – July 17


Finally the shearers arrived! All the sheep were herded into the barn for 8am. Lsd’s sheep and the rams went last after the main flock. It was noisy!  But I’m sure they were all relieved to be rid of their fleeces.

Teresa helping

With Amy away, Teresa was drafted in to help.  The sheep needed to be encouraged through the run and into the holding pen. The fleeces needed to be picked up and stuffed into huge wool bags.  It went very smoothly and was all finished by about 4pm.


There were 2 shearers, as usual.  They are always somewhat bemused by the flock of pet sheep.  The sheep look uncomfortable but it’s over in less than a minute in most cases.  Pecky wasn’t very cooperative.  Nor was Baby Lamb.

Sheared phew

And this is ‘after’.  Feeling cooler already and tucking into a bale of hay.  The sheep remained in the barn for a week or so after shearing so we could treat their feet and clear up the foot rot.  They are all back out in the field now.  885 and Champion are no longer limping which is brilliant news.


After shearing we helped with the lambs.  Whilst they were all separated it was a good opportunity to ‘drench’ them for worms.  Lambs can move like lightening … we encouraged them through the run for the drench, but as the flock diminished in size they got harder and harder to round up.  One repeatedly kept escaping.  But eventually at about 6pm we were done.