Sheepish Activities – December 17

This month started off as usual … and then took a turn for the worse.

Sheep 1

We came down Monday lunchtime to find 885 really struggling to stand.  He kept collapsing.  We called the vet out who came out Monday evening.  Initially she said she thought it might be listeria or a vitamin deficiency.  She gave him injections for both.

sheep 2


Tuesday he was worse.  He was barely able to stand.  He didn’t seem to be able to coordinate his legs at all.  He looked so poorly.  We called the vet again and after watching videos of him, she thought that it might be an abscess on his spine.  We rushed back to the vets Tuesday evening for more injections and Chris injected him Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, still no improvement, in fact by the time we went home he wouldn’t even eat a Rich Tea biscuit.  He was staggering and falling over.  We left him snuggled up in a thick bed of straw and just had to hope.

sheep 3sheep 4

And then Thursday morning we arrived to this.  He was stood up, looked so much stronger and was eating again.

sheep 5 sheep 6

That’s Bramble with the hay hairband.  He stayed in his pen for a few more days so we could continue with the course of antibiotics.  Finally when Chris was struggling to catch him for his daily injections he decided he must be well enough to be let out.

sheep 7

Born Free.

sheep 8 sheep 9

Champion on the other hand has definitely got sore feet.  Not that he makes much drama out of it(!).  So we’ve turned 885’s sick pen into a spa and Champ has had 2 foot baths and lots of TLC while we try and get him back on his feet.