Sheepish Activities – September 2017

Sheep 1

It’s been a quiet month!  Which is good.

A couple of the sheep do think the grass is greener on the other side though.  Kangaroo and Audrey have been regularly found in the next field …

Sheep 2

Kangaroo has been living up to her name, she’s a very graceful jumper … when feed time comes she clears the white fence no problem.  This is Kangaroo and Audrey on the left, being fed Rich Tea biscuits by Amy.  It was the closest we could get to them posing by the fence.

sheep 3 sheep 4

Pecky was been limping slightly on his back leg … but that has now cleared up.  Tim’s Sheep also limps slightly but then she uses her front hoof to paw with when she wants attention so it’s not that clear if she’s lifting it because it’s sore or because she wants some fuss.

sheep 5

Amy’s back off holiday … she was missed!

sheep 6

Chubby was in disgrace when he put his foot in Kangaroo’s udder cream – and then splodged it all over the field.  Putting on udder cream is always a challenge when there’s at least 3 sheep peering over your shoulder trying to see if there’s any food involved.

sleep 7

885’s feet are great now.  He’s so much happier.  He loves having a scratch …

sleep 8

And finally Daft Lamb has figured out that if she follows us all the way back to the fence and sticks her head through, she usually gets an extra biscuit … not so daft.