Sheepish Activities October 2018

14 October

We moved the sheep to the gallop on Friday as they had eaten most of the grass in the orchard. Plus the Rams have gone into the next field, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We don’t want our flock getting any bigger (apparently).

Tim said it was going to rain all weekend so he also moved the pig arcs with the tractor.

Today seems to be a day for eating nettles. Champion and 885 are still limping – their hooves look a little overgrown so we will need to look at those next week.



Pecky and co sheltering from the rain.

21 October

I had help today. It was a beautiful day which made a nice change from last weekend.

The sheep are on a diet and only getting a handful of pellets once a week. Sunday is pellet day and it’s a bit of a stampede.



52 was very patient as little Harvey kept playing with his ear.


Finally we just want to say a massive thank you and good luck to Amy who is off to Australia for a year, she will be very much missed.