Sheepish Activities November 2019

27 October 2019

The rain is relentless.  The pond is higher than we’ve ever seen it.


The field by the drive is so flooded there are ducks on it.


The sheep have moved back into the Orchard today as it’s slightly less waterlogged – they immediately take advantage of the fresh grass.


1 November 2019

More rain.  Pecky is lying on the mound – maybe just because it’s higher ground.


Daft Lamb is taking shelter in the old orphan huts.


We brought the pig arcs in from the other field so at least they have some shelter. The Lsd sheep do not like the rain.  That is 120 ‘front of shot’.


6 November 2019

The guinea fowl were particularly noisy today, they are never far from the sheep although we have noticed they do now venture to the Lsd office for corn.


11 November 2019

Not quite sure how 885 got his black eye.


12 November 2019

937 looks so snug in the orphan shed.  We put some straw down to try and keep their feet a little bit drier.


We also put a salt lick down which Kangaroo is making use of.


16 November 2019

The pheasant is back!


19 November 2019

We’ve now started supplementing their grazing with hay – today was the first day and they jumped on it.  Bramble appears to have been stood under a tree for a while she has accumulated some leaf litter!