Sheepish Activities November 2018

Monday 29 October

I thought we would make the most of having Amy and we decided to cut toenails today.

The sheep were gathered into 1 large pen which made it much easier to catch 885, Champion and 937.






Wednesday 31 October

Amy’s last day! Amy will be very much missed by Lsd and by the farm. She was a huge help during lambing and shearing. And she has helped look after the Lsd flock week in week out. Amy is off to Australia for a year and we feel sure she has a brilliant future ahead of her.

Sheep4Sheep5 Sheep6Amy and Flash

Friday 2 November

A cold week this week. The trough has been frozen almost every morning.


While 885 and 937 are both walking much better Champion is still limping so we will need to have another look at that next week.

And now 52 is limping!


52 seems to have strained his foot (those are just seed heads he is covered in).


Daft Lamb has a funny bald patch by her front left leg which Amy has diagnosed as chub rub. Daft is not very keen at us looking at it so we will have a proper look next week when we have our next pedicure session.

Monday 5 November

We put the pen back up today to inspect our patients.

Champion has had some antibiotics and foot gel, 52 has had his toenails cut. 937 and 885 are no longer limping.

We had some interested spectators in the next field.



Wednesday 14 November

The grass has all but stopped growing so we started the sheep on the winter hay today.

They dived on it – obviously ravenous from their ‘diet’.


That is 937 at the back not joining in – she likes to eat alone! She did eventually join in.

As my Mum pointed out, we have room for 4 more sheep!

Monday 19 November

A phone call from Tim. Our sheep had escaped from the gallop and were in the next field eating grass that had been saved for the lambs.


52, 937, Pecky and Kangaroo amongst the culprits. That is Champion on the right side of the fence.

They couldn’t be trusted so had to be moved into the orchard.


22 November 2018

The evenings are drawing in!Sheep16