Sheepish Activities – November 17

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We all moved back to the Orchard this month.  The relocation went very smoothly, other than a slight detour via the compost heap, lead by Baby Lamb.

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There is nothing ‘baby’ about Baby Lamb now.  But when he was a lamb he was such a little runt we did not think he would survive.  He was always half the size of Champion and 52 who were in his year.  And now he’s one of our biggest.  Talking of biggest, Baby Lamb Audrey and Bramble are all looking like they could lose a couple of pounds.

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Audrey and Bramble do seem to have particularly short legs so maybe if they were taller, they wouldn’t look quite like such little clouds.

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Kangaroo’s abscess has healed and the wool has now grown back.

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After moving the sheep back to the orchard, the trees had to be protected … within minutes the willow trees were being eaten.  Only Champion looked sorry.

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Finally, we did have a look at getting some goats this month … we are waiting to hear back from the vet as to whether goats would be a good addition for Rush Farm.  We’re definitely going to need higher fencing …

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