Sheepish Activities May 2019

18 April
The orphans are doing well and today went to Tieran’s farm to be raised. Tieran is our hay supplier and from the photos it looks like the lambs will be spoiled.
We are lambing about 6 ewes a day.
The ewes are brought into the barn in the evening in case any lamb during the night.
Good Friday
Triplets all well and healthy although the first one born was much smaller. The third lamb is out of shot being encouraged to suckle.
These twins were clambering all over mum – she didn’t seem to mind.
Easter Sunday
The triplet from Friday looking very healthy!
After a couple of days in their individual pen, four or five ewes and lambs are moved into one big pen so that they can get used to finding each other before being turned out into the field.
Thursday 2 May
The lambs are all out in the field now and doing well.
Much like teenagers they have started to gang up and hang out.
Pheasant Bad Foot has found a pal to hang out with.
Friday 3 May
Now that lambing is over there was time to worm our sheep and cut toenails.  Champ of course is the most lame (as usual).
Treatment was followed by Rich Tea biscuits to help everyone overcome their trauma.
Friday 9 May
Everyone was relaxing in the sun this morning.  Kangaroo and Baby Lamb obviously have a bit of a cold.
885 and Baby Lamb chilling out in the sun.
The pheasant becomes ever tamer it is now following us around to be fed.
Sunday 12 May
Today we moved the sheep over to the field by the drive. The grass was looking long and delicious in there.  Everyone walked … the business park was nice and quiet with it being a Sunday.
Champion almost disappearing in the long grass.
Monday 20 May
Champion looked very uncomfortable today shaking his foot.  He’s been limping for a while. This was a sign of fly strike so we checked his feet and sure enough he was infected.  The foot was treated immediately and we gave him an anti biotic for the foot rot.
He was treated to some cow parsley afterwards because he was looking so sad about it all.
Friday 24 May
There have been some more cases of fly strike in the main flock so the LSD flock were treated today.
It was like something out of Braveheart.
885 pictured here and Tims Sheep also had fly strike in the feet and were treated.
All followed up by Rich Tea biscuits which always make everyone feel better.