Sheepish Activities March 2020

1 March

🐑 🐑 🐑

We had help today!
The sheep needed hay and pellets ….
and stroking …


The cows needed feeding …


And then it was time to relax with a lolly.


8 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

The rain is relentless, and the sheep continue to shelter on any bit of dry ground they can.


Their feet are caked in mud and clearly sore.

But spring must be on its way …


13 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

The sheep are definitely losing a bit of weight we are back on daily pellets and even Rich Tea Biscuits in 885’s case.


The grass in the field is not yet growing to any degree and they are still feeding on hay (from what is now a very depleted store).  Our thanks to Tieran Price and his family who have kept us stocked and even saved the last bales for us.  

15 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

We noticed we are a guinea fowl down this morning – our first of the chicks to be taken by a fox we think.


16 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

On the other hand we do appear to have gained a couple of pheasants, the closest bird is very tame, to the point of coming up and cheeping for food.


17 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

We had an assistant today – Flash – who made one of her increasingly rare appearances and who decided to ride shotgun.


29 March 

🐑 🐑 🐑

The office closed Friday 20 March and we are social distancing at the farm which means that today 937’s poorly feet were a bit of a problem.  Normally hoof trimming is a 2 man job. One to hold and one to trim.


We are happy to say that with the use of a very small pen and lots of pellets to pre-occupy 937, Lesley managed to trim the hoof and treat the foot on her own, which bodes well for the next few weeks while we follow Government guidance.  


1 April 

🐑 🐑 🐑

Spring is in the air and the headbutting has started in earnest. 


🐑 🐑 🐑

Davinder and Lesley would like to thank their team who have worked around the clock over the last two weeks to support their clients whilst managing childcare.  

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office announced yesterday that there would be some charter flights to repatriate tourists stranded in India whilst we anxiously await Davinder and her family’s safe return.  Thank you to all of those that signed the petition.  

We hope you and your families stay safe and well during these very difficult times.

Please get in touch if we can help.   

🐑 🐑 🐑