Sheepish Activities March 2019

1 March 2019


Guess who is back from Australia! The sheep were very happy to see Amy. Amy has got a trainee position at Ormerod Rutter and we are delighted for her. And she will be around to help with the sheep and lambing!


The daffodils have just popped into bloom along the driveway to the office – happy St David’s day!

14 March 2019


The sheep jumped on the hay this morning. All except Tim’s Sheep who just wanted stroking.


While Amy was over we made use of her and sprayed Champion’s foot. He is now walking much better. His head was buried in the hay and he didn’t come up for breath – or his photo opportunity.


Daft is now limping. She is a bit of a live wire to hold so I will need some assistance to deal with her foot.

21 March

When I arrived this morning they were definitely chilling out.


937 has broken a toenail but seems relatively unbothered by it.


And Tim’s Sheep was laid on the mound having some ‘alone time’.