Sheepish Activities June 2019

I thought we would do something different this month.  I am handing over to Harlowe (aged 10) who has been looking after the orphan lambs with Tieran (our hay supplier) and the rest of their family.  I think you will agree these lambs have well and truly won the lottery and I can’t see them leaving any time soon … well … ever.

The Lambs’ Tale

By Harlowe. Aged 10 and a half.


This is the lambs’ tale – a tale where you find out about who the lambs really are.

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The tale begins with knowing their names – Robert, Barney, Timmy, Lamby, Britivc, Blue, Harry, Louie, Muck and Dizzy.

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Robert is the cheekiest – he goes getting all the other lambs awake when they’ve just gone to sleep.

Barney can jump the highest – she can almost jump over the gates (oh, oh, oops)

Timmy has his milk, and then goes for a lie down (we call him Grampa Timmy)

Lamby is very good at getting her head stuck in the fence (Nanny to the rescue)

Britvic is just Britvic – cheeky, mischievous, naughty, cute (yep, he’s just Britvic)

Blue is Nanny’s favourite – he follows her everywhere even into the house.

Harry is very cute and loves having a hug.

Louie always tries to get into the feeding bowl by crawling underneath Barney (poor Barney)

Muck – well, the clue is in the name. (he’s always covered in mud)

Dizzy is my favourite – she was very ill when we were given her. We looked after her and now she is a lot better.  (she’s become a bit of a pest!)

That’s all of the lambs.

One night when we went to their stable to feed them. We heard, “Boom, bam, bash” – it was Barney jumping up at the stable door. When we went in they had all gone mad. We started to feed them but I ended up going round and round in circles with a milk bottle in my hand.

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Thank you Harlowe.

Lucky lambs eh.

And finally – we got our 6 guinea fowl chicks …

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And shearing is tomorrow! Champion will be relieved.

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