Sheepish Activities – June 2018

It’s been a busy month!

We sheared Champion … by hand … his wool comes off like a solid mat.

june 1

It always takes a while because to start with he keeps walking off.

june 2

But once he realises we’re trying to help he starts to cooperate.  The finished product … photo-bombed by 885.

june 3

After their stint in another field after worming, they were returned to Field 11 but this time given free reign to go in and munch on the very overgrown veg patch…

june 4

It has been hot though and everyone was starting to look a bit miserable in the heat (except Champion) …

June 5

And then last Monday morning the shearers notified us that they were coming … that afternoon.

june 6

All the sheep were corralled into a holding pen with Amy’s help.

june 7

And Lesley and Chris bundled up fleeces into huge wool bags.

It all went very smoothly and was over in about 3-4 hours.

june 8

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for our guinea fowl chicks to arrive … there’s been some delays at the farm where they are being hatched but hopefully we should have them by the end of next month.