Sheepish Activities – June 2017

Jun-1 Audrey loud

The sheep are still in the orchard.  That is Audrey at the front yelling through the bars of the gate.  Her bleat is by far the loudest.

Most of them have had a bit of a haircut … to keep them a bit cooler until the shearers come at the end of the month.  They will be unrecognisable in July!

Jun-2 885 in sick bay

885’s foot is still sore with suspected foot rot so he is on a course of antibiotics this week. He’s in his own pen so we don’t have to chase him around each day to give him his injection and stress him out.  He looks a bit sorry for himself here.

Jun-3 885 gets picked grass

We picked 885 his own bucket of grass to cheer him up.  He dived straight into it.  The white powder on the floor is lime.  It helps dry out the pen and their feet – while we are treating the foot rot.

Jun-4 hot sheltering under trailer

Tim’s Sheep and a couple of the others sheltering from the sun under the trailer.  The trailer is also very good to use as a scratching post.

Jun-5 sparrows nesting in Lsd birdbox

At the end of last month we noticed sparrows were nesting in the Lsd birdbox which Lesley’s Dad put up about 5 years ago!  It’s not a great picture but there is a sparrow at the entrance.