Sheepish Activities February 2019

23 January 2019

This morning we had crispy sheep!  They were all lightly frosted.


At this time of year, they do like the salt lick. Champion topping up …


8 February 2019

The weather wasn’t great today, Baby Lamb’s ears were a dead give away he wasn’t feeling very happy.


885 and Tim’s Sheep sheltering from the rain.


Over the weekend we noticed that a few of them may need worming so at lunchtime everyone was gathered into a pen and treated.


Once wormed, they were sprayed with a spot of blue paint …


Except Tim’s Sheep … happy Valentine’s Day!

11 February 2019


Today we noticed a marble sized growth on Audrey’s chin.  Turns out it was a spot!  We treated it like any other spot.  Squeezed it and put some antiseptic spray on it.

16 February 2019


Audrey’s spot is looking much better and the possible ‘worms’ have all cleared up.

At hay time the sheep were definitely full of the joys of spring – bouncing around and playing.


17 February 2019

The ewes in the main flock were scanned … the lambs are due in April.