Sheepish Activities February 2017

937 dines alone



937 has very much decided that she likes to eat alone … so whilst the others are all at the hay feeder, 937 gets her own pile of hay.






937 flirting



We moved the sheep into the Orchard this month.  The move went smoothly.  In the next field are the rams.  937 spent pretty much all of day one flirting with the new neighbours.  I couldn’t tell if 885 (her friend) was hurt or not.

She has now lost all interest in the rams.





Babies feeding


The kids.  From left to right, 120 – Daft Lamb – Chubby.

Chubby is like a little barrel.  Such a cutie though.  Loves a fuss.






Champion missing head



Champion – getting stuck in.  He had obviously found something extremely tasty at the bottom of the pile of hay.  He was down there for a good 5 minutes.










We said goodbye to Grandma this month, she has sadly moved on to the pasture in the sky.  She is very much missed, but we will always be happy she got to spend her retirement with us. Thanks to Amy for her help through this (LW).