Sheepish Activities December 2019

29 November 19

It was a late visit to the sheep today – almost dark.


And you can’t really see – but the blobs in the tree are the guinea fowl.


1 December 2019

We noticed 52 started limping yesterday … after feeding everyone in the pen we isolated him to have a look.  It feels a little warm to the touch so we’ve sprayed it with antibiotic spray and will keep an eye on it.


The field is still incredibly wet and the best place is underneath the pig arc.


Which is 937’s favourite spot. Here she is resting her chin on a straw pillow.


5 December 2019

Not sure what it is but Daft Lamb and 937 prefer to eat alone.


9 December 2019

Everyone okay today although Baby Lamb was sat with his head in the thorny hedge it looked very uncomfortable.



They had all congregated by the back hedge, the ground was not quite so wet there.


13 December 2019

A full house at the feeder. They are eating a bale a day.


The process is we drop the bale into the field over the fence. Then we climb into the field to retrieve the bale and put it in the feeder.  By which time 12 hungry sheep have already descended onto it and will push you out of the way to stop you getting at it.  It’s already fairly heavy, made much heavier by 12 heads holding it down. Finally we get it into the feeder although this time not without burying Baby Lamb.


Even Daft Lamb graced the feeder with her presence today.


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year.  We would like to thank Chris and Kate at Surfworks for their help each month sending out the newsletter and sheep blog.

Here’s to 2020!