Sheepish Activities – December 2018

2nd December

885 and Tim’s sheep wanted a lot of fuss today.  We have now had Tim’s Sheep in the flock for 2 years.


A close up with 885.


Tim’s Sheep

It was pellet day and there was the usual scrum.  It is a race to get the buckets on the floor without being knocked over.


52 and Daft Lamb double checking the buckets to see if there are any pellets left.

Something in the next field caught the girls’ attention …


937 and Bramble … it could be the rams who are in with the main flock.

3 December 2018

Not all hay is created equal. Sunday’s hay hasn’t really been eaten, it’s very brown. Compared to the green stuff they got today which they jumped on.


Saturday 8 December

Kangaroo and Chubby were extremely bouncy and excited to see me / the hay today.



Chubby and Champion


And Daft Lamb was particularly itchy …


Saturday 14 December


The guinea fowl often appear at the office door for seed and this morning when I arrived they had brought a friend…


It all looked very amicable and they all got fed.

Dec10 Dec11

Tuesday 18 December


Tim’s Sheep has a cloudy eye this morning. She still seems to be able to see out of it and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her.  Tim thought it might be that she has banged it … we are hoping it wasn’t Chubby head butting her.


We will have to keep ‘an eye’ on it 😉

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

See you in 2019.