Sheepish Activities August 2019

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28 July 2019

We moved the sheep today. The new field has a large willow in it – the leaves are much sought after.



We had Millie’s help. She then stood there at the fence looking longingly / hungrily at the sheep.


2 August 2019

We couldn’t resist this shot of the calves who were in the field at the end of the drive this morning.


4 August 2019

We’ve been impressed with how few flies have been in the guinea fowl cage … today we realized why. The guinea fowl have been eating them.  Here the white one is eyeing up a flying snack.


Although she can’t have been that hungry as seconds later she’d fallen asleep.


16 August 2019

We’ve had quite a lot of rain so the sheep were returned to the orchard and they were happy to be home and back in their pig arc. They do not like to get wet.


17 August 2019

We noticed that there were only 2 of the original 3 guinea fowl and now we know why.  One of them is sitting on eggs near the pond.  You can just see her in the undergrowth behind the other two who have been very attentive.


21 August 2019

We had some sad news today. The guinea fowl that was nesting has gone and so have all the eggs. We think a fox has taken her. Guinea fowl nest on the ground and will not leave the nest quickly even when in imminent danger. It was a hard lesson to learn. In future, we will take the eggs and incubate them to prevent this happening.

On a more positive note, all 6 guinea fowl chicks are ready to be released now and the remaining two adults are showing a lot more interest in them.  Hopefully they will gang together.


Today we also treated 885 and Daft Lamb as they had a touch of foot rot and 885 had fly strike in one of his hooves.  The hurdles worked a treat!


885 – who has been quite headbutty.


Daft, who is not so daft now, she is surprisingly hard to handle so I’m very glad of the pen to catch her in. We have been feeding them all in the hurdles (pen) each week so they get used to being shut in.

24 August 2019

Baby Lamb chilling out for the bank holiday. Hope you all had a good summer!