Sheepish Activities – August 18

The sheep were rolled out to say hello at August’s Farm Fete … some were more social than others.  They had to be corralled into a pen, which didn’t go smoothly.  In the end we resorted to Flash’s help (sheepdog) and then the sheep were so indignant that most of them went into a mood and sulked in the trailer …

Sheep2 Sheep1

Baby Lamb

Champion who was such a star last year did lie outside the trailer but wasn’t in a sociable mood …


Later on we realised why.  He had foot rot and fly strike in one of his hooves.  After a quick treatment from Tim it was dealt with and he’s now fine.

937 snoozed with her head on the hay bale …


Meanwhile 52, Daft Lamb and 120 were the stars of the show … saying hello to all the kids …

Sheep5 Sheep6

It was a great day with a bouncy castle, music, great food from the Scotch Egg lady, (wine!), bubbles, tractor rides, shire horse rides, weaving, bush craft, games and of course sheep.


Special thanks to Nathan who helped out on the day!


And finally, a nice surprise when we visited the main flock last weekend.  2 of the orphans came over to say hello, they recognised us from all those weeks ago!

Sheep9 Sheep10