Sheepish Activities – August 17

We had the Stockwood Farm Fete on Saturday 12 August, all sheep attended!



Children were able to pet and feed the sheep who did need a little coaxing to get out of the trailer and be sociable.

Nathan and Amy

Huge thanks to Amy for giving up her Saturday to help.


Champion was a superstar!  Always first out of the trailer to meet the public (and eat the pellets).


Pecky as always was a hit with his one ear and one eye.  Whilst he did have an unfortunate run in with a crow as a lamb, he is now super healthy, spoiled and happy in the Lsd flock.


Davinder’s dog Ralph visited.  He looks a bit like a sheep himself.


Even at his most fierce, the sheep took no notice of him.

Ralph barking

In non-fete news, we are delighted to say that 885 and Champion are no longer limping with foot rot.

And Kangaroo is finally tame enough for us to put udder cream on and her udder is looking much better.


Finally, the sheep had a lucky escape and none were hurt when a huge branch from the oak tree fell into the field on Saturday night.

Branch down