Sheepish Activities – April 2017

The taming of Bramble

This is Bramble (looking at Lesley).  So called because of all the brambles she had in her fleece for ages.  We couldn’t get them out because we couldn’t get near her.  She has gone from being fairly wild to being totally tame in the last month.  All of a sudden.  It’s quite bizarre.  She is Audrey Hepburn’s friend.

Ernie and bucket

Lesley’s nephew Ernie came to help feed the sheep on Friday.  He got a bit distressed as he was eating a Rich Tea biscuit and the sheep pinched it off him.  They do like biscuits.  And his hand was just the right height.

Unexpected Mum and lamb

We had an unexpected lamb this month.  In fact there are now several.  It turns out that one of the male lambs from last year was not neutered.  So he has had a great year.  Now it looks like all the 1 year old ewes are pregnant.  That is 70 unplanned pregnancies.  Oops.

Post lunch siesta

Our flock have moved out of the muddy orchard and back into the gallop.  This is a post lunch siesta moment – enjoying the sun.  Champion and 885 still have sore feet but they are being regularly attended to.

Batman I mean Albert

This is our newest addition.  Albie.  He’s a French Bulldog who doesn’t leave Samantha’s side.  At the moment he sleeps a lot.  He’s got a toy mouse that goes everywhere with him and he gets spoiled to death by everyone in the office.  He hasn’t met the sheep yet.

And next month we should have some ‘planned’ lambs to show you.  There will be some to hand-rear as we are expecting some triplets and quadruplets and the ewes only cope really well with up to 2 lambs.